Your vacation club was a hub of activity this year, with events both large and small putting their stamp on the previous 365 days. We review them all in the cover story of this, our fourth and final newsletter of 2012.

2012 Newsletter Issue 4

Vice president of operations Wayne Cober kicks things off with a retrospective on the year that was. Wayne builds his informative Page 1 article on a foundation of concise summaries that detail, among other things, the installation of new RFID door locks throughout the resort.  He also discusses a pair of projects in the works for 2013.  

Inside you’ll find a performance-enhanced Resort News and Notes that expands on Wayne’s 2013 revelations, informative articles on our tennis court and bathroom renovations (gutted right down to the studs!), and a good news story on our General Excise Tax settlement.

We’ve been told by an expert that this is our best newsletter yet. We invite you to decide for yourself. Enjoy!

2012 Aloha Vacationer Issue 4

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