2013 Aloha Vacationer Issue 3

As you probably know, there are more ways than you can count to have a great time on Maui– certainly more than you can fit into a brief visit. That’s why we have distilled down the seemingly infinite number of choices to a manageable 10. You can read all about them on the cover of our current Sands of Kahana newsletter. Inside, please pay special attention to the Page 2 story in which President Richard Rodriguez urges you to beware of groups asking for money. As Richard reminds us, we will never solicit donations from you. For those of you who think our newsletter should contain more photos, Page 3 features a delightful collage of the appealing new artwork destined for all guest units. Installation is underway. Thank you for reading the Aloha Vacationer. We hope you enjoy this penultimate issue of 2013.  

2013 Aloha Vacationer Issue 3

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  1. SOK thank you for keeping the units fresh and updated. All the owners are excited to see the property upgraded and improved. We may only visit for a short stay but we think of our Hawaiian home away from home the other 51 weeks out of the year. If it cost us a few more dollars to keep the rooms and grounds meticulous then let’s go for the best.

    1. Aloha, Michael! Thank you for generous comments. We are happy you think of us as your home away from home. When are you coming for a visit?

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