Are you suffering from GVS (Guilty Vacation Syndrome)? Based on the results of a recent family vacation survey, you probably are. It is especially likely if you’re a Millennial, 59 percent of which report feeling ashamed for taking or planning a vacation in a time when vacation-shaming in offices nationwide and around the word is growing at an unprecedented rate.

Neither are older individuals immune from the guilt. In the same survey, 41 percent of individuals 35 and older felt the same symptoms of Guilty Vacation Syndrome.

We present this information to you, gleaned from the blog site of our friends at Vacation Better, as a public service. GVS can lead to a host of symptoms that affect your wellbeing, including misplaced emotions, indecisiveness and sadness. It can also have the ironic side effect of impacting your work productivity.

Our advice? Get to Sands of Kahana as soon as you can. Maui is the number-one doctor-recommended cure for GVS.

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