New guest room art

In the Resort News and Notes section of our last newsletter, Issue 2 of the Aloha Vacationer, we told you we had narrowed down our choice of new guest unit artwork to print paintings and Maui photographs. Today we can tell you we have reached a decision. After much debate we went with the photographs. While the paintings projected an appealing if generic vision of the islands, we feel the Maui photos, with their waterfalls, surfboards, hula dancers and sunsets, are the ideal selection. The installation will occur incrementally over the next few weeks. We hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Thanks for replacing the (mostly) very faded art work in the condos!! I like the idea of the photos if for no other reason than to make a change. The change is long overdue.

    I had offered several years ago to assist with changing the art work (replacing within the same frames something new and fresh) so I am glad to learn that something will come of my interest.

    Again, mahalo!

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