You will soon receive a statement and letter in the mail that detail the significant decrease in property taxes on your timeshare for 2012-13.  Yearly owners of one-, two- and three-bedroom SOK units will all owe less this year. One-bedroom owners will see a nearly 15 percent tax reduction over last year ($109.30 from $125.30), two-bedroom owners a more than 25 percent reduction ($183.30 from $230) and three-bedroom owners a nearly 25 percent reduction ($211.70 from $262.50).

We would like to thank our Maui management team for submitting written testimony, speaking directly with county council members and appearing in person at hearings to testify against proposed increases in timeshare tax rates and valuation. Over the last several years we have developed an excellent working relationship with the county assessor’s office. We meet annually before the bills are prepared and are generally able to agree on a fair value, despite declining property values.       

We will continue to work hard to keep your vacation home affordable.