Martin Rodriguez

You never truly appreciate a guy like Martin Rodriguez until something goes wrong. In the resort industry, that usually means when something breaks. Then it’s like, “Martin! Where’s Martin? Get Martin!” Martin shows up, saves the day and returns to his fix-it shop, forgotten until you need him again. Then: “Martin! Where’s Martin? Get Martin!”  

On those occasions we can’t think of anyone whom we would rather answer the call – or represent us as our 2013 Hawaii Employee of the Year.

Now in his sixth year with the company, Martin has become one of our most valuable engineers. He is our go-to guy for difficult problems,  particularly on tight deadlines. Excellent time management skills along with his thoroughness and reliability put him on the fast track, and he eventually became assistant supervisor for the vacation club and AOAO maintenance for our West Maui properties.

Quiet and humble, Martin is a leader in the engineering department and always willing to step in and step up whenever he is needed. He communicates well with owners, and consistently follows up with our front desk staff to assure problems are solved.

Hey, maybe the time to remember Martin Rodriguez is when everything is functioning smoothly. That means he already did a great job. We congratulate him on his well deserved honor.