Fridays are the summit of the seven days we call a week, situated as they are at the end of a 40-hour marathon and the start of a two-day reprieve. It’s a day so hotly anticipated someone once exclaimed, “Thank God it’s Friday,” which became an acronym, which became a restaurant chain. No one ever shouted in earnest, “Thank God It’s Monday,” and even on the off chance they did it’s unlikely a restaurant chain would adopt the sentiment for a name. Thank God it’s Monday? Don’t think so.

Of course we humans are pathological tinkerers, always looking for ways to make good things better. That brings us to Maui Friday Town Parties. It is the brainchild of the Maui County Office of Economic Development, and kudos to those wild and crazy bureaucrats for devising an initiative that has added even more fun to the best day of the week.

Maui Friday Town Parties are essentially a community fair that rotates among five sites.  They are a great way to start the weekend under the stars and enjoy Maui’s small-town ambience. Many retailers, galleries and boutiques operate extended hours and highlight special promotions. Crafters, artisans and chefs add their creativity to the event. If you’re looking for something different to do on a Friday evening, Maui Friday Town Parties offers a special night of fun, free entertainment and promotions from each town’s family of merchants.

For more information on individual town festivities, please click on the link below.