It’s been a long time coming, but the wait is finally over. We are now completely wired for in-room Wi-Fi. Installation through Oceanic Time Warner Cable utilized our existing wiring and took only a few days. The service is free to owners.  

“Guest room Wi-Fi’s been our number one request the last couple of years,” said Wayne Cober, vice president of resort operations. “Especially recently, since everyone carries iPads that don’t work without a Wi-Fi connection. This is definitely going to be a well-received amenity.”

Our proximity to the ocean and concrete structure, both of which had the potential to affect the signal for different reasons, were the primary reasons we didn’t undertake the project sooner. Since the resort was already wired for cable, however, and we could acquire the Wi-Fi service for a very reasonable price, we decided the timing was finally right.    

The in-room connection will allow for web browsing, social media updates, emails and most basic web tasks. This is a major capital project we think will greatly increase your enjoyment of your home resort. Although the new installation covers only the guest rooms, the lobby hotspot remains unchanged.


  1. WiFi Free – this is great news.
    I do read in the fine print it says “The service is free to owners.”
    Does this mean there is a fee for “non-owners”?
    What does this mean for people exchanging into the resort through II?
    What if you are an owner at another Consolidated Resort property?

  2. Thank you for acquiring wifi for guest rooms. My husband and I will be there for a week in November and I know it will make our vacation even better as I have an iPad addiction! Can’t wait for November to arrive! Mahalo!

    1. Aloha, Pam! The Wi-Fi install is receiving lots of positive feedback. We are happy this new amenity will make your visit that much better, and we look forward to seeing you in November. Thank you for writing.

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