Let’s eat!

Sure, it’s nice to give thanks for all we have on Thanksgiving, but who are we kidding? This holiday is all about stuffing your face and hoping your expanding waistline doesn’t blow the button off your pants.

If you’re with us over the holiday and looking for a great way to spend your turkey day, Maui has numerous dining options to suit your taste.


From local independents to large resorts, almost every Maui restaurant has a Thanksgiving day special. On the west side, near your home resort, the Ritz-Carlton, Kaanapali Beach Hotel, the Sheraton and the Westin Kaanapali all have Thanksgiving day specials with options for intimate dining as well.

Board a cruise ship and spend Thanksgiving on the water.

Thanksgiving Day Dinner Cruise

If you’d like to spend the holiday on the water, Pacific Whale Foundation has a Thanksgiving day dinner cruise out of Maalea harbor with live music and whale watching. In years past the Pride of Maui and the Quicksilver boats have also offered Thanksgiving Day cruises, so be sure to check them out as well.

Enjoy turkey and traditional island entertainment at a Thanksgiving luau.

Thanksgiving Day Luau

Any day is a good day for a luau, and Thanksgiving is no exception. Many Maui luaus add turkey to the menu, including the Thanksgiving luau at the Honua’ula in the Grand Wailea Resort and the Wailele Polynesian Luau at the Westin. Be sure to check with your concierge to learn the locations of all Thanksgiving luaus near your location.

Thanksgiving to Go

If you’d prefer to feel the sand between your toes while you eat, many grocery stores, some resorts and most restaurants will package up a full turkey dinner you can take to many of the beach parks around the island.  

Planning to cook your Thanksgiving feast? A nearby Foodland has everything you need.

Cook It Yourself

One of the benefits of having your own condo-equipped kitchen is the convenience of cooking your own meals. With all the available local spices and marinades and a convenient Foodland supermarket nearby, you can whip up a fantastic Hawaiian turkey dinner for yourself and your family. Try stuffing your turkey with pineapple before roasting!

We wish you a happy – and filling – Thanksgiving.