Elvis? rocks the Mix `n Mingle.

Evidently Vegas doesn’t have a monopoly on Elvis impersonators after all. It’s either that or this: Elvis lives! And he’s right here on Maui!

How else do you explain the guy at our recent Mix `n Mingle with sideburns down to his blue suede shoes? He looked like Elvis. He sounded like Elvis. He may have even eaten like Elvis, although we have only anecdotal evidence to support this. With so much delicious barbecue, everyone ate like Elvis.  

The big question is, was he in fact Elvis? Even we don’t know for sure, but we can tell you, real or faux, he’ll entertain at our Mix `n Mingle event the first and third Thursday of each month.

The appearances mark The King’s first performances in Hawaii since 1973, when he played Honolulu in a concert beamed round the world to more than a billion people!