Hi fellow owners!

My name is Chuck Whitney.  I’ve been an owner at the Sands of Kahana for more than ten years.  I’ve been invited as a “guest blogger” to share with you some of my favorite things about SOK.

I live in Southern California and despite the recent storms; it has been pleasant with temperatures in the 80’s!  This is the type of warm weather that never fails to remind me of Maui and the great times I’ve had at Sands of Kahana enjoying the terrific activities, guests, staff and everything else associated with the resort.  I never get tired of visiting SOK.  In fact, my next trip to Sands of Kahana is in April 2011 and I will make a second trip later in the year as well.  If you’re also planning a trip around this time, let me know by commenting below!  

Over the years, we have participated in just about every activity available on Maui, Lanai and Molokai so our activities now include just enjoying the sunshine and people we meet and have met.  I especially love sitting on a lounge chair on the grass under a big palm tree with my book or crossword puzzle in hand just enjoying life in general.  It’s a great way to relax and provides me with total enjoyment.  And oh yes, I do look forward to the daily Happy Hour in the lounge! 

For more of my favorite things, check out my video on www.storiesfromthesands.com!

Mahalo, Chuck Whitney